SGA creates new Alumni-Student Relations Committee

By Sophie Foster

News Co-Editor

            On Thursday, Nov. 17, the Student Government Association, in partnership with the Alumni Office and Alumni Board, announced the creation of the new Alumni-Student Relations Committee.

            According to an email sent by the SGA, the primary purpose of the committee is to better integrate alumni into student life at Washington College.

            WC alumni are eager to be active participants in the campus community at large by becoming more involved in clubs, organizations, events, and campus culture as they make use of the tools at their disposal, and this committee will allow them to achieve that interaction, according to Vice President of SGA senior Jonah Nicholson.

            Nicholson said that they created this committee as a way of directly involving students with the process of including alumni in campus work and conversations, and to hear the direct input of students on alumni matters.

“The Alumni Board normally is in contact with the SGA VP to remain involved in student life,” Nicholson said. “During my time, the Board and I, in partnership with the Alumni Office, have worked together to find ways to efficiently involve alumni with students. What better way to do that then with more student voices?”

            Current members of the committee include Nicholson; Outreach and Event Coordinator Carolyn Thompson; Clinical Counselor Eboni Taylor-Tue ’97; Associate Vice President for Advancement Emily Smith ’09; Admissions Counselor and Associate Director of International Student Admissions Katie Claggett; Executive Director of Career Development Nanette Cooley; senior Kennedy Jones; sophomore Joseph Bonacci; and freshmen Lillian Elgayar, Mikayla Silcox, and Sheri Swayne.

            The VP of SGA will always serve on the committee in a leadership role in order to ensure seamless transitions from year to year and a consistency of dialogue in the process.

            According to Nicholson, though the committee progressed beyond its recruitment phase, the SGA will continue to accept new members who are willing and interested.

            “Right now we have a good mix of people including students from all years,” Nicholson said.

            The committee is now on the structure phase of development, in which they pursue meetings to discuss the goals, ambitions, and upcoming pursuits of the committee, including potential events, which would be planned in collaboration with other groups on campus.

“As we move through these meetings, we will get into our implementation phase, which is implementing what we have discussed,” Nicholson said. “We eventually hope for this committee to be a permanent committee that will serve as a primary leadership group in spearheading efforts to integrate alumni in student life.”

According to Nicholson, it is the hope of the SGA that this committee will increase student engagement across the board and at all levels, as well as create new traditions to preserve the individuality and uniqueness of the WC climate.

Anyone with questions, comments, or a desire to become involved with this committee can contact Nicholson at

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Photo Caption: The SGA office is located in Hodson Hall and serves as the center for student governance.

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