Spray named featured flock member

By Sophie Foster

News Co-Editor

The Featured Flock Member for November is Coordinator for the Center for Environment and Society Sherri Spray.

Spray works to provide administrative support and oversees the functioning of CES. She took this job initially because of “her love of nature and the outdoors,” according to her biographical information on the Washington College website.

“I would say if you have not had the opportunity to meet her that you should,” Director of Residential Life Amy Sine said. “She is a pretty fantastic person who loves WC.”

Sine, who manages the Featured Flock Member nominations, said that Spray’s nomination this month was, in part, derived from the belief among Spray’s colleagues that she keeps CES together and running smoothly.

“First to arrive and last to leave, [Spray] makes sure that everyone has exactly what they need to be successful at their jobs,” one nomination said. “She is the first to volunteer to help and goes above and beyond to make our jobs easier. Whether you have a work-related question or life-related question, [Spray] either has the answer or knows the person to connect you with to get an answer.”

According to one nomination, Spray’s nickname in CES is “the wizard” because of her devotion to the center and those involved with it, and Spray’s positive energy brightens the environment on campus, particularly in her endeavors to build personal connections throughout the community.

“It is truly rare to find someone that [Spray] isn’t able to greet by name and instantly [make] feel at home,” the nomination said.

According to the nominations, Spray draws prospective students to the College with her warmth and charm, qualities which are highlighted in her willingness to help others, adapt to change, take charge, and guide her community.

“We at CES couldn’t do our jobs without [Spray], nor could we imagine life in general without her friendship and presence,” a nomination said. “Her ability to manage grants, navigate the college administrative apparatus, and her overall attention to detail is incredibly impressive. In addition to her superb administrative skills, her good cheer and positive outlook enhances the college’s mission in so many ways.”

Spray is the third Featured Flock Member of the academic year, preceded by September’s Director of Admissions Kelsey Miller ’10 and October’s Video Content Creator Tim Corrao.

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