Campus Voices: What plans did you have over winter break?

Photos courtesy of interviewees, reporting by Miranda Parrish

Claire Garretson ‘25
“I went home to Chicago to see my family and of course, my Australian labradoodle, Winston. I also went on a trip to Seattle, Washington with one of my best friends from high school. We spent five days seeing all the sights and hiking on Bainbridge island. I don’t really have a lot of winter break traditions, but my brother and I usually re-watch all eight “Harry Potter” movies together while we’re both home from school. It’s a fun way to bond and revisit our childhood each year. My grandmère, mom, and I all usually shop the post-holiday winter sales every year too.”
Maddie Fernandez ‘25
“I went home and spent time with my family and saw some friends. We celebrate Christmas and we went to my family’s house and spent time together, and ate lasagna for Christmas dinner. I also went to Deep Creek with my family and it was dandy.”
Justin Fitzpatrick ‘24
“Most of my winter break was spent working doing private swim lessons and life guarding. I also spent lots of time with family and my hometown friends. My family loves Christmas. So it was very nice to spend time with them and celebrate the holidays with them. As for traditions, we usually have a big family dinner on Christmas Eve with some of my extended family as well. I’m not sure if you can call this a tradition but I do have to stay in shape for swim season since we only get two weeks off. However, we do get to spend a week in Florida training.” 
Bridget Whiteside ‘26
“I spent a lot of time with my family and friends, went to the gym a bunch, played soccer, and went to Arizona for a soccer tournament. My family does celebrate Christmas and we host my family for dinner and gift giving. For traditions I celebrate every year are going to the Christkindlmarkt Mart at Wrigley Field and walking around the city to see the Christmas lights.”
Katey Reggie ‘25
“Over break I worked, saw some friends, and I traveled to see Mount Rushmore and saw a bear. I celebrate Christmas and we made ravioli and meatballs which is a Christmas tradition in my family. I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my family by watching movies. Every winter break I get to give my dog a bag of treats a week since I get to be home and visit him.”

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