Title IX process revisited by College

By Grace Apostol

News Co-Editor

On Monday, January 23, Washington College’s Office of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Greg Krikorian sent an email to the campus community regarding transparency around the College’s Title IX process. 

“In our efforts to support community awareness and provide additional transparency around the College’s Title IX process, we are sharing the following information related to incidents and activities during the Fall 2022 semester,” the email said.

The email went on to explain that summaries of the Title IX process for the previous semester would be sent out at the start of each semester. 

“By providing the campus community with this information, we seek to balance community awareness with individual privacy,” the email said. “Consequently, no personal identifying information is shared.”

The email summarized the fall semester’s educational and training activities. According to the email all new employees are trained in the Title IX process, as well as student leaders and new students. 

“We have focused on helping students utilize bystander intervention strategies as a proactive approach to prevent dangerous situations from escalating into sexual violence,” the email said. 

Also included in the email were the anonymous fall 2022 Title IX Reports and their statuses as well as what type of report category it fell under. 

The Title IX leadership team, which includes Investment and Enrichment Manager Sue Groff, Coach Kari Hughes, Director of Public Safety Pam Hoffmann, Visiting Assitant Professor of French Dr. Karen Manna, and Benefits Adminstrator Kate Laking, were listed in this email as well as the external “expertises” of the Association of Title IX Administrators and Student Affairs National Membership Organization. 

The email ended with the goals of the team surrounding the Title IX process. 

“We continue to work toward our goal of creating a respectful and supportive campus climate that both complies with Title IX and provides all members of our campus community the opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender,” the email said.

For more information, please contact Dean Krikorian at gkrikorian2@washcoll.edu.

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