Anti-Valentine’s Day dance shines spotlight on campus singles

Ketia Kamali

Elm Staff Writer

On Friday, Feb. 10, Radio Free George, partnering with the equestrian team, hosted an Anti-Valentine’s dance from 9 p.m. to midnight in the Sky Box.  

According to Radio Free George President junior Justin Ly, the Anti-Valentine’s Day dance was organized in consideration of those who may not appreciate ordinary Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

“The main premise behind the dance is rather than going to a dance with a date because you are in love in a relationship, you are going to the dance because you are coming out of a breakup,” Ly said.

The idea of Anti-Valentine’s has been spreading as fewer people wish for a day dedicated to spending money on chocolates and other traditional activities. According to The Guardian, the Anti-Valentine’s trope is increasingly favored by the public.

Radio Free George started planning for the dance in the fall semester. Equestrian team President Leann Standridge said that the equestrian team decided to join in on the festivities, as the goal for the social function was to “gain publicity.” 

Since both organizations are small, the event was designed to bring awareness to them. Standridge said that she wanted students to know that both clubs were accepting and welcoming of new members. 

At the event, guests could decorate paper hearts with anti-love phrases.

The event was also decorated with LED and strobe lights; light snacks and soda were provided. The organizations set up a table on one side of the room dedicated to the raffle, which was a fundraiser for the clubs at a cost of $1 per ticket. 

The winner of the raffle, senior Alex O’Brien, received a basket of candy that was movie-themed.

The dance’s playlist included breakup, pop punk, emo, and country songs revolving around heartbreak. For attendees of the dance like junior Sarah Poirer, it was this soundtrack that was enjoyed the most.

“The music choices that were played had everyone screaming their heart out in a cathartic way,” Poirier said. 

Sophomore Anna Treadway agreed and said that she appreciated the song choices since they were unlike that of a normal party playlist. 

“It was a breath of fresh air to hear something different and entertaining,” Treadway said. 

As the night progressed, there was an announcement to inform the attendees about Radio Free George and their projects. They presented the opportunity to start a podcast. For those interested, Ly can be contacted at

Ly and Standridge were happy with the turnout and success of the event, and said that they hope that attendees take the time in the future to get involved with their organizations.

Photo courtesy of Justin Ly.

Photo Caption: The dress code for the dance was black and red, with a more goth vibe than Valentine’s Day ordinarily calls for.

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