Men’s and women’s basketball close regular season 

By Miranda Parrish 

Elm Staff Writer 

The Washington College women’s and men’s basketball teams played away games this week to finish off their regular seasons.   

The Men’s basketball team traveled to Baltimore, Md. to face Centennial Conference opponent Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday Feb. 15 at 8 p.m.   

This game had highlights from junior guard Kedrick Frink, scoring the first two points of the game. Freshman guard David Bland also made a jumper, which was followed by another one by Frink. Freshman guard Grant Kemp also made a three pointer for the Shoremen, keeping them tight with the Blue Jays.   

By halftime, they were still close with the Blue Jays, who were up 39-32. In the second half, Frink made the first points, scoring two points for the Shoremen. Kemp continued to score for the Shoremen as well, scoring a back-to-back jumper and free throw.   

Fouls on the Blue Jays led the Shoremen to the foul line in the second half, which kept the Shoremen close to the Blue Jays. While they fought hard, they lost 55 to 90.  

Their second game was on Saturday February 18. They traveled to Allentown, Pa. to play against Centennial Conference rival Muhlenberg College. Sophomore forward Precieux Tshibangu made the first point of the game for the Shoremen with a block and then a jumper.   

Junior guard Sam Corrao followed with a three pointer. Corrao had a back-to-back layup and three pointer for the Shoremen. At halftime, Muhlenberg was winning 43-27. In the second half, Tshibangu made the first layup again for the Shoremen, which was also followed by a jumper by himself as well.   

Junior guard Jason Zielinski also made a three-pointer for the Shoremen, as well as two free throws by Frink. Despite this, the Shoremen lost 70-86. This was the last game in their season for the Shoremen.   

Junior Sam Corrao was the leading scorer for the Shoremen with 23 points. Junior Kedrick Frink closely followed with 20 points.   

“These were some tough losses, it was out last time playing with our senior Nick [Romeo] and we didn’t get the results we wanted. It was a season of growth for sure, we saw what we did well and where we need to improve. We’re a young team and we’re looking forward to next year,” Tshibangu said.  

As for the Shorewomen, they played their last regular season game on Saturday, Feb. 18 at Muhlenberg College.   

The Shorewomen started off strong, with spotlights on Senior guard Joy Sanders, senior guard Andrea Prestianne and sophomore guard Karry Kelliher.   

In the first quarter the Shoremen shot 21 points. The second quarter followed, with back-to-back layups by Sanders and Prestianne. Free throws by junior center Serena Pluta and a three pointer by Sanders kept the Shorewomen up.   

By halftime, the Shorewomen were leading 36-34. In the second half, the Shorewomen continued to fight hard. Sanders made the first layup of the half, followed shortly after by a three pointer by Prestianne, and a layup by sophomore forward Kiersten Rose.   

Prestianne continued to score for the Shorewomen, making a three pointer and a layup. Despite this, the Shorewomen lost 52-66.  

“I think we fought hard as a team and I look forward to continuing into playoffs,” sophomore Kiersten Rose said.  

The Shorewomen continue to compete into the Centennial Conference playoff tournament against Dickinson College on Tuesday, Feb. 21. 

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