Senate Minutes 2/14/2023 and Public Safety Report

1. Special Orders of Business-

 Motion to open discussion on endorsing the Strategic Diversity Plan by Dr. Knight. The SGA gave Dr. Knight a citation for her work with the Strategic Diversity Plan.

2. New Business- 

Motion to open discussion on club deactivation of Club Rugby. Motion passed, and Club Rugby was deactivated.

3. Senatorial Open Forum- 

a. Petitions for SGA President and VP opened and will close Feb. 27. The debate will be on Feb. 28 and Speaker of the Senate nominations will open the same day. The election for Speaker of the Senate will be in senate on March 7. 

b. VP of SGA Jonah Nicholson held a Black History Month themed trivia and the winning was awarded a prize.

c. There will be a townhall on Feb. 27 co-hosted by the SGA and Dr. Meehan and Dr. Steinzmetz regarding how professors can be more accomodating after COVID-1 transition.

5. Non-Senatorial Open Forum-

a. 50th Anniversary of Title IX is happening soon.

b. ShoreFit Skiing trip is on March 4.

Public Safety Report

One case of hazing was reported on Feb. 5 at 11 p.m. at a residence hall. 

Case closed and unfounded. 

One case of theft was reported on Feb. 6 at 9:40 a.m. on campus. 

Disposition is still open. 

One case of aggravated assault was reported on Feb. 17 at 9:34 p.m. at a residence hall. 

Case closed with arrest.

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