Shorewoman of the week Andrea Prestianne helps lead women’s basketball to victory 

By Miranda Parrish 

Elm Staff Writer 

This past week, the Washington College Shorewomen competed in two Centennial Conference games, both at home in the Penny J. Fall Gymnasium. 

The first game was on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. against the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays. Senior center Lizzie Hudock made the first basket for the Shorewomen, with a two-point layup. Two layups by senior guard Joy Sanders, accompanied by three buckets by freshman center Kaitlyn Boggs allowed the Shorewomen keep up with the Blue Jays, who held the lead 25-10 by halftime. 

In the second half, junior guard Amari Faust made the first layup for the Shorewomen. Joy Sanders made several layups, as well one layup was made by sophomore guard and forward Avery Thomas. Freshman guard Bryson Ostrum, Boggs and Hudock both made several free throws in the fourth quarter. Faust contributed two layups and several free throws for the Shorewomen in the second half to contribute to their score. Despite this, the Shorewomen lost to the rival 33-47. 

After this loss, the Shorewomen came back strong against the Haverford College Squirrels, hosted by the College on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. 

Senior center Lizzie Hudock made the first layup of the game, putting the Shorewomen ahead of the Squirrels thirty seconds into the first half. Two layups, one by Prestianne and one by Sanders kept the lead in the hands of the Shorewomen. Free throws by Prestianne and Sanders, as well as a jumper by junior forward Rachel Thiem kept the Shorewomen ahead 25-15 at halftime. 

In the second half, the Haverford Squirrels held the lead for most of third quarter, but the Shorewomen came back strong with a three pointer by Faust, as well as free throws and a layup by Prestianne. In the fourth quarter, the Shorewomen and the Squirrels were close, with a layup by Sanders, followed by a three pointer by junior guard Ally Landau for the Squirrels. Three fouls in the last minute led Prestianne to the line, making six of her shots and winning the game for the Shorewomen, 53-45. 

According to senior center Lizzie Hudock, “I think our team really needed this win… [For the rest of the season] we’re going to continue to trust one another and play as a team.” 

“I think we really established how much we care for each other and how much we want to win for each other so as long as we play together and stay in our heads were going to continue to grow,” Hudock said. 

The Shorewomen continue their season at Swarthmore College, which begin the last group of games before the playoffs. 

“These next few games will be tough, but I’m confident that we will continue to do great,” freshman guard and forward Emma Robinson said. “We got together as a team and talked out the last two losses. We came into this game really prepared and it showed on the court and I think it will continue to the end of the season.” 

The team’s next game will air on the Centennial Conference Network on Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. 

Photo by Grace Hazlehurst 

Photo Caption: Freshman center Kaitlyn Boggs scoring in the team’s game against Johns Hopkins. 

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