Washington College Shoremen host two Centennial Conference games at home 

By Miranda Parrish 

Elm Staff Writer 

The Washington College men’s basketball team hosted two games this week in the Penny J. Fall Gymnasium against two Centennial Conference opponents. 

The first game was against Haverford College Squirrels on Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. Junior guard Kedrick Frink made the first basket for the Shoremen, a three-pointer, putting the College in the lead at the start of the game. Freshman guard and forward Davis Bland also made a three-pointer. Free throws and a three-pointer made by sophomore guard Ishmael Baqai kept the Shoremen up with the Squirrels. By halftime, the Shoremen were losing by nine points, 28-37. 

In the second half the Shoremen shined, with multiple three-pointers by Frink, as well as several turnovers and shots by Baqai. With this, the Shoremen were neck and neck with the Squirrels in the second half. However, Haverford College made a comeback and the Shoremen suffered a tough loss at the end of the game, losing 73-80. Despite this loss, the Shoremen were proud of how they played together as a team.  

“We definitely had some ups and downs throughout the game but I think we fought hard as a team and we’re just trying to get one percent better every day as a team so we can move on,” freshman guard Grant Kemp said. “With the games we have remaining I just want to play hard for my teammates and for everyone out there and just want to step on the court and be ready to play.” 

According to freshman Davis Bland, “for the alumni game and events, we have something planned for someone who passed last year which will be really meaningful.” 

Their next game was hosted in the Penny J. Fall Gymnasium on Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. against the Franklin and Marshall Diplomats. In the first half, Frink made layups and three-pointer for the Shoremen. Freshman guard Ryan Lang also continuously made three-pointers, keeping the Shoremen up with the Diplomats. By halftime, the Shoremen were losing by 7 points, 34-41. 

In the second half, the Shoremen continued to compete against the Diplomats. Junior forward Sam Corrao made several three-pointers, contributing to the Shoremen’s score, as well as Franklin and Marshall’s fouls, which led Frink to the line and making his shots for the team. The Shoremen fought to the end, but lost to the Diplomats 76-92. 

After this batch of home games, Baqai has a positive attitude and determination that the team will continue to grow. 

“For the season, we’re still trying to figure out how to play together, and we still have a little bit of time as there is still time to make the playoffs, so there are still opportunities and time to fix what we have to fix and turn it around,” Baqai said. 

As the Shoremen play the last group of games before playoffs, they hope to continue playing together and learn from their mistakes. “Being a freshman, I was worried coming in at first, but everyone definitely accepted me as a teammate and a friend and I’ve just had a blast so far and I’m excited for the years to come,” Kemp said. 

The campus community can view their games on the Centennial Conference Network, as they continue their season next week, Feb. 4 at 4 p.m. 

Photo by Grace Hazehurst 

Photo Caption: Shoreman of the week Kendrick Frink in their game against Franklin and Marshall. 

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