Art events bring WC community together

By Faith Jarrell

Elm Staff Writer

In the second week of March, Hodson Hall hosted two large art events on campus: a paint night collaboration between the Student Events Board, Encouraging Respect of Sexualities, Supporting All Gender Experiences, and Pride in Athletics Club on Tuesday, March 7 and Tote-ally Empowered, a DIY tote bag event held by Cleopatra’s Sisters on Wednesday, March 8. 

At the paint night event, attendees had the option of painting a large pot, a small pot, a canvas, or a heart. Modeling clay was also provided. For those who painted pots, succulents were available to be potted. 

Freshman Lillian Elgayar, who is a member of SEB, EROS, SAGE, and PAC, was in charge of the paint night event. Elgayar said she wanted to use the event to improve the reputation of SEB.  

“I think SEB and [other organizations like] SGA had a lot of hate in the past, so I really want people to know that it’s getting better,” Elgayar said. “I want people to know that we are doing our best to keep it engaging and fun.”  

One attendee of the event was SEB Director of Series Events senior Noah Vargas. Not only did he participate in the event, he painted a pot to give to a worker at Freshens.  

“It was just meant to promote inclusivity on campus and get everybody having a good time during a stressful week before spring break. Really, just to get everybody together,” Vargas said.  

Vargas and Elgayar’s goal of bringing students from around campus together succeeded, as the paint night event had a large turnout, with around 75 attendees showing up. 

“It was paint-tastic. It was color-ific. It was awesome,” Vargas said. 

At Tote-ally Empowered, attendees had the option to paint whatever they wanted on a tote bag or to use stencils. Those who painted a tote bag could keep it or donate it.

Cleopatra’s Sisters, a club on campus for women of color, had a goal of donating 50 tote bags to Kent County Middle School. The donated tote bags will be filled with period products. 

“Ever since last year we wanted to throw a Period Party, where we pack hygiene bags for middle school girls, so we found a way to make it fun to also engage the campus,” Vice President of Cleopatra’s Sisters senior Kayla Cash said.  

Cleopatra’s Sisters has done similar work with other outside organizations in the past like Kent County Detention Center. Having the event be art-based was a new way for the group to pull in interested volunteers.

“I feel like everybody likes [arts events], surprisingly enough. I don’t know a lot of art majors, but I know a lot of people who like to do art, so it’s nice seeing people come out,” Cash said. 

Along with the DIY tote bag event, Cleopatra’s Sisters has a series of events occurring during the month of March for Women’s History Month, spreading their message of positivity and empowering women.  

Their Herstory Panel on Tuesday, March 21 provided a platform for various women to share their experiences with leadership and how sisterhood plays a role in it. They then plan to finish the month with a game night on Friday, March 31 at 6 p.m. in The Egg.

Their schedule and further information can be found on their Instagram @wac_cleos.

Photo by Parker Thornton

Photo Caption: The students running the paint night event included members of all four host organizations.

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