SGA Senate Minutes: Feb. 28

1. Provost and Dean Dr. Michael Harvey delivered administrative remarks regarding the context of initiatives discussed at the previous senate meeting. See Elm coverage from March 2 for further information on these projects.

2. The Academic Committee will be hosting a collaborative event with the Career Center on Wednesday, April 12.

3. The Constitutional Review Committee approved the Parliamentarian Payroll Resolution. They also discussed the potential implementation of an ethics committee.

4. The Diversity Committee finalized plans for the pageant and international food themed afterparty.

5. The Environmental Committee shared that a new bikeshare shed was installed, they are working on new water bottle refill stations, and they are trying to scale up composting. Additionally, they discussed different leadership transitions and the Center for Environment and Society budget for Earth Day.

6. The Student Life Committee confirmed that Public Safety obtained new radios to communicate with police. They discussed capital purchase campus investment ideas, including picnic benches, hammocks, Adirondack chairs, and a beach volleyball court with a tetherball pole.

7. $80 was allocated to the class of 2025 for Jeopardy night.

8. President and Vice President elections were confirmed for Tuesday, March 7 through CampusGroups. 

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