Business Manager Olivia Dorsey says goodbye to The Elm after two years

By Olivia Dorsey

Business Manager

I started my journey with The Elm as a photographer my junior year and loved my experience ever since. I learned new skills regarding the art of photography.

Working as a photographer, I had the opportunity to appreciate the people and places of this school and town community. The student body and Chestertown community have a charm and beauty beyond measure.

I enjoyed getting new assignments every week and being able to be there to witness great moments for Washington College. Going to a variety of school events I realized how much the college has to offer from social events to speakers and panelists. It was an honor to meet and photograph students, faculty, and visitors to the College.

In my senior year as business manager, I was able to learn about a different side to working on a newspaper. Outside of the development of the articles, the business side develops connections with clients in the community and beyond. I’ve had the pleasure to work with wonderful businesses who support The Elm through buying advertising space. While reaching out to customers who placed advertisements, I realized how much the Chestertown community supports the college.

New to the job as business manager, I knew I had a lot to learn, but found a network of support from the newspaper staff members, especially the Editor in Chief, Emma Reilly. I am truly grateful for all of her help. I learned many skills that I will carry on in my career after college.

I am so glad that I decided to join the student newspaper. It was amazing to witness and be a part of such a collaborative and hardworking team. It has enriched my experience as a student, and I recommend joining clubs and groups on campus. I feel connected to the campus and Chestertown community  because of my experience.

I always look forward to the newest print issue of The Elm. The stories in each section are enjoyable to read and I appreciate the paper for always providing a voice for the student body on campus. Not only do they report on important events, but it also provides a sense of humor with their April Fools edition, which is a popular tradition for the campus. The students are creative and produce great work.

WC gave me opportunities that have shaped me as a person. I made many memories that I will cherish. I am looking forward to graduation, but WC will always be close in my heart. My favorite thing about WC is the people. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming with positive attitudes.

The Elm is meaningful to me because its positive impact is rooted in me and has allowed me to branch out as an individual reaching for my future.

Thank you to WC and The Elm. Best wishes to all students in their future endeavors. I hope they have as wonderful and rewarding an experience as I’ve had at WC.

Caption: Senior Olivia Dorsey currently serves as The Elm’s Business Manager. Previously, she worked as a staff photographer during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Photo by Olivia Dorsey.

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