Stuck on how to celebrate completing your SCE? Take some inspiration from current seniors

By Liv Barry

Lifestyle Editor

For seniors, completing your thesis is likely one of the most rewarding aspects of the college experience. After months of research, writing, and deadlines, finally turning in the culmination of your studies merits a celebration.

However, figuring out how to celebrate your achievements can be difficult. After putting all of your energy into your senior capstone experience, the last thing you want to do is rigorously plan a blowout party.

Instead of basking in their triumph, some seniors plan to take it easy after submitting their theses.

“Me personally, I didn’t have any plans to do anything special for my thesis. I honestly am still in shock that I submitted it and the writing part is complete after months of planning and research,” senior Randei Collins said. “I still have my presentation to complete, so I guess you wouldn’t say I’m done my thesis yet, but at least the hard part is over.”

Once her final presentation is over, Collins wants to celebrate in a lowkey way with her closest friends.

According to Collins, “taking a mental health weekend just to relax and do something fun, whether that is going out of town, doing something downtown, or just hanging out at a school event with close friends” are on her docket for the last few weeks of the semester.

For any seniors looking to celebrate similarly, nearby towns like Easton, Oxford, and Centreville offer affordable activities to celebrate submitting your SCE.

Conquest Beach, which is located just a few minutes from downtown Centreville, is a relaxing spot to spend the day with friends swimming and exploring the nature of the Eastern Shore. Betterton Beach is another option nearby.

Additionally, for seniors that are of drinking age, there are a number of breweries in the counties surrounding Chestertown, including Bull & Goat in Centreville, Patriot Acres Farm in Sudlersville, and Ten Eyck Brewing Company in Queenstown.

Similar to Collins, senior Max Tucker also wants to relax once he completes his thesis.

“I intend to go to a nice dinner with my significant other, and then probably sleep for a week,” Tucker said. “Ideally, I would love to play some video games, make some art, walk around town, and generally do some of the nice, pleasant things that I haven’t had the time for in a while.”

There are a number of events in Chestertown for those looking to celebrate by spending their time downtown.

Anyone whose SCE is due on the last day of classes can commemorate the occasion by attending Chestertown’s First Friday, a monthly event where downtown businesses, local vendors, and food trucks stay open late for visitors to explore what the town can offer.

Other students plan to honor their achievement by staying on campus.

“I’m not really doing anything special. I think I might just gather with my other senior friends and have a little celebration with them,” senior Dasha Shirakova said.

Sharing in each other’s victories can be a gratifying way to uplift one another following months of hard work. For seniors who feel burnt out after their work, having a small get-together in a dorm room is the perfect way to finish out the semester. A casual potluck, where each senior brings their own dish, or even cooking a meal together provides the opportunity to bask in the company of your friends.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your achievements, seniors should take pride in knowing that their work has finally come to its completion.

Photo caption: Downtown Chestertown has a number of local businesses and restaurants for seniors to take advantage of in order to celebrate their achievements.

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