Student Events Board blow up carnival inflatables for advising day

By Ketia Kamali

Elm Staff Writer

The Student Events Board hosted various carnival activities on the Hodson Green from noon to 3 p.m for students to enjoy the warm weather on Wednesday, April 5. 

According to SEB incoming Vice President freshman Lillian Elgayar, the carnival came as a result of brainstorming options for SEB’s schedule.

“We try to diversify the types of events we do. The carnival has been an annual event so we chose to continue it this year,” Elgayar said. 

SEB started planning the events about a month ahead of time so that event organizers could sign  the contracts for the different inflatable options.

The carnival had several activity stations including an inflatable jousting arena, an inflatable obstacle course, and corn hole. There was also food and refreshments like hamburgers, vegetable patties, hot dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, watermelon, cookies, and more catering options from the dining hall outside. 

Because the temperature ranged between a high of 77 degrees and a low of 72 degrees, sophomore Caroline Drupka felt the weather was fitting for students to set out picnic blankets, relax, and do outdoor activities like riding bikes. 

“I would describe it as something that brought a lot of joy on a hot day. It felt like a summer activity with the food, weather, and activities,” Drupka said.

The inflatable obstacle course had two entrances so students could race with their friends. The obstacle course also had a slide at the other end. 

Elgayar mentioned that herself and Director of Series Committee senior Noah Vargas went through it with a Go Pro to record the course. 

“The spring carnival was such a fun event to throw,” Vargas said. “It was great to see everyone out in the beautiful weather, running through the obstacle course or jousting with their friends.”

Junior Joshua Torrence said that the courses inspired a much-needed competitive spirit in him.

 “The energy was truly magical,” Torrence said. “My favorite bouncy [inflatable] was the racing one because I love a good competition. I felt kind of like a kid again, which I think was great for my mental health in general.” 

Junior Silvana Tipson echoed this sentiment and added that it was “hard” but fun. 

To market the carnival, SEB’s Instagram account @wac_seb posted videos and photos of various organizations on campus sparring on the jousting inflatable.

“The jousting arena was definitely the crowd favorite,” Elgayar said. “Participants could step up and challenge their friends while hitting them with giant sticks, making for a fun experience.”

Torrence said that the carnival games were an event SEB should consider repeating in the future.

 “Truly one of the coolest things I’ve been to on campus. Anyone who didn’t go definitely missed out, and I count myself lucky because I didn’t even know it was happening,” Torrence said. 

Vargas was thrilled that SEB showed it still had the room to bring back old activities.

“It was a little sad considering it was one of my last events, but I’m so excited for the future of SEB and student events at WC going forward,” Vargas said.

SEB’s executive board encourages students to suggest events they would like to see, so the board can host more activities community members are interested in. 

Elgayar and Vargas are looking forward to hosting their last bingo of the spring, which will occur before the end of the year. There will also be a trivia night on April 12 and a possible egg hunt on April 21.

Photo by Grace Hazlehurst

Photo Caption: Members of Women in Business and Men’s soccer jousted on inflatables.

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