Anne Kietzman named Vice President of Sports Development

By Grace Apostol

News Co-Editor

Head Field Hockey Coach Anne Kietzman was awarded the honor of being elected Vice President of Sports Development of the nonprofit National Field Hockey Coaches Association this February.

Kietzman’s three-year term began on March 1. According to her, this position entails “exciting projects like the Redwood Grant.” This grant provides better educational and financial support for clubs, adjacent businesses, and nonprofit organizations. She also serves on the executive board which oversees the staff of NFHCA.

Assistant Field Hockey coach and co-worker of Kietzman, Emily Pantazes ’16 worked with Kietzman for about a year. Pantazes was also one of Kietzman’s players during her junior and senior years.

“Annie is probably one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met,” Pantazes said. “She commits 100% to the job at hand and inspires me to be my best every day. I am very proud and excited for Annie…She cares very deeply for our sport and its future growth, and I think there’s no better person than her to serve in this role.”

 “Coach Kietzman was originally the reason I chose WC, so it is no surprise to me she’s been elected to this role,” senior Julianna Sterling said. “Her capacity to consider the well-being of a player and the team as a whole is something I’ve always admired, and is a rare balance to find in coaches.”

Following this election, Keitzman believes in the future of the NFHCA. “I care about the future of our sport and the success of the NFHCA. I have the qualities and background to serve the NFHCA membership well in this role,” she said. “My love for field hockey has brought me much joy- a gift fostered and mentored by some incredible coaches. Coaches are the lifeblood of our sport, and investing in their development is an investment in its future.”

Elm Archive Photo

Photo Caption: Kietzman serves as a mentor for WC’s field hockey team.

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