Boar’s Head set to close, will be replaced by Met Grill in fall

By Sophie Foster

News Co-Editor

            Washington College’s Dining Services recently announced the next change in a string of alterations made to the student dining experience: in the upcoming fall semester, Boar’s Head Deli will be replaced by the Met Grill.

            Boar’s Head, which only spent a period of about one semester on the WC campus in replacement of former comfort food location Martha’s Kitchen, was a deli-style option for students in want of a midday meal like sandwiches or macaroni and cheese.

            The Met Grill, meanwhile, will feature items more similar to those once offered at Martha’s, including chicken tenders, made-to-order burgers, plant-based proteins, fries, and classic sides, according to Dining Hall Manager Latoya Felton.

            Additionally, this new range of meal options to select from will come associated with the opportunity to use meal swipes in exchange for a full meal, rather than exclusive use of dining dollars. This shift is one likely popularized by this concluding semester, and is currently offered as an opportunity for select Freshens and Boar’s Head items.

            Other additions to the dining services experience include a new ice cream toppings bar in conjunction with the repair of the ice cream machine, menu shifts at the Roots and Clarity stations in the dining hall between lunch and dinner, the inclusion of chilled desserts featuring fresh fruit at Roots, new vegan protein options, new items available for meal swipes at Freshens, and the return of made-to-order grill items to the dining hall.

            The only announced development in retail food locations is the transition from Boar’s Head to Met Grill. At present, Java George, Freshens, and CraveTown will continue to service students and visitors on the first floor of Hodson Hall Commons next year.

Elm Archive Photo

Photo Caption: The Met Grill will be a new addition to Hodson Hall Commons in the upcoming fall semester.

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