Collegian welcomes new editorial board for volume 35

By Grace Apostol

News Co-Editor

Collegian, Washington College’s undergraduate literary and arts journal, selected its new editorial board for the 2023-2024 term this April.

Elm News Co-Editor junior Sophie Foster was selected to succeed senior Eylie Sasajima as Editor in Chief of the journal in early March.  

“Collegian has been one of few personal constants in my time here,” Foster said. “It’s been such a privilege to be trusted with my peers’ poetry this year, and it’s a genuine honor to be able to round out my college experience guiding the publication that’s completely reframed the way I view both editorial work and my own writing.”

Following an application process in which Foster reviewed resumes and cover letters and conducted thorough interviews of each candidate, six students were hired to aid in the publication’s production next year. 

Junior and current Social Media Manager Caryl Townsend will assume the role of Managing Editor, junior and current Prose Editor Joshua Torrence will become Poetry Editor, sophomore Lucy Verlaque will join the team as Prose Editor, junior Vee Sharp will retain the position of Art Director, freshman Seth Horan will work as Copy Editor, and junior Sophia Lennox will be the journal’s Social Media Manager.

“My team for the upcoming year is, sincerely, something beyond incredible,” Foster said. “Collegianhad a nearly unprecedented number of applicants this term, so the decision was much tougher than I anticipated, but I couldn’t imagine a team with more editorial compassion and creative discernment.”

Regarding the hiring process, Horan said that after the initial application submissions, he was contacted by Foster to then meet for an interview where he “was asked in more detail about [his] experience and [his] aspirations in working under Collegian.”

Lennox had a similar experience with the application process.

“When I saw the call for applications, I decided to reach outside my comfort zone and give it a shot,” she said. “I’m so happy that I did. The application process was really great.”

According to Lennox, she reads the student publications every time they come out, but has never been involved with them.

“I love reading the student publications,” she said. “I read The Elm every week, and Collegian every time it comes out, but I had never been involved myself.”

Horan’s copy editor position entails looking for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and making sure that the pieces meet the Collegian style guide.

“The bulk of the Collegian editors collaborate on the publication, however, including the process of reviewing submissions,” he said. “I’ve already met some members of the team for this upcoming school year, and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

Lennox, meanwhile, will be managing Collegian’s online presence.

“I will be working with the other editors and communicating with the campus community [to work] on community engagement,” she said. “Of course, keeping our social media up to date on important dates, submission information, and other things.”

Regarding the transitions of an outgoing team to an incoming, faculty advisor for Collegian, Director of the Rose O’Neill Literary House, and Associate Professor of English Dr. James Allen Hall said that there are always a mix of feelings.

“As advisor, it’s wonderful to see new students come in with new ideas about how best to serve the Collegian mission,” Dr. Hall said. “But saying goodbye to talented students is undoubtedly the hardest part of being a teacher, even when I’m sure they are graduating to find their places in the vast landscape of writing, editing, and publishing.”

Dr. Hall also said that the team utilizes the publication to create new deliveries of the “mission” of the magazine.

“Collegian is dedicated to showcasing the robust student talent at WC, and to supporting the thriving community that exists on our campus,” Dr. Hall said.

This publication uses a collaboration of students to create each issue, according to Lennox.

“The Collegian team works together on almost everything, so I am so excited to be a part of that community and work with the new team,” Lennox said. “I have a ton of ideas for social engagement and community outreach campaigns that I look forward to implementing next year.”

As the incoming Editor in Chief, Foster says she is excited for what this coming year is going to offer, and looks forward to working with the new team to emphasize the qualities of the journal that she has found value in during her two years with the publication.

“Community underpins every aspect of the work Collegiandoes,” Foster said. “While we’ll be focused on the consistent creation of creative work that students can take pride in, continuing to foster a sense of unity and generate earnest conversation between all varieties of student writers and artists, at any stage in their literary or artistic journeys, will always be my very highest priority.”

The final edition of volume 34 under Sasajima’s leadership will be available in print prior to the close of the semester. More information about the publication can be found on its website,, or social media profiles, @wccollegian.

Photo courtesy of Sophie Foster

Photo Caption: Collegian, Washington College’s student-run literary and arts journal, has a new editorial board gearing up for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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