Student Events Board introduces new executive members

Ketia Kamali

Elm Staff Writer

The Student Events Board announced their executive board members for the 2023-24 academic year in an email sent out to the Washington College campus on the evening of Tuesday, March 25. 

The newly-elected members include sophomore Vani Chauhan as president, freshman Lilian Elgayar as vice president, junior Emily Bechtel as director of annual events, sophomore Caroline Drupka as director of series events, freshman Keegan Enzor as director of special events, and freshman Faye Dorman as director of marketing and communications. 

Chauhan and Elgayar sent out an application for the four director positions via email on March 28. Applicants were not required to be a previous member of SEB. 

Elgayar was formerly a member of the series committee, and was originally going to apply to be the director. She then realized that there was an empty spot for vice president. 

“I knew not a lot of people would want the job and I also wanted to better SEB,” Elgayar said. “I knew that by running for the position I would be able to do that not only for the events, but for the entirety of SEB.” 

Drupka will now run series events like bingos and paint nights. She said that there are some aspects she hopes to change for the executive board overall. 

“[I want to improve] communication between all members and to make sure everyone is involved,” Drupka said. 

According to Bechtel, she also had improvements she was looking to make. 

“[A priority is] making sure the events are inclusive and that everyone who wants to participate can have fun and enjoy themselves,” Bechtel said.

Before applying for the marketing position, Dorman was a member of the committee.

“I figured I should put my hat in the ring just so someone who has experienced SEB and the marketing committee does it,” Dorman said.

According to Dorman, she was excited for all collaborations and that students should expect passion from the new executive board members. 

Enzor, who will now plan special events like paintball and city bus trips, wants to use his position as director of Daytrippers to assist in his SEB role.

“[Daytrippers] do not have the capacity to have more trips, specifically paid entrance ones,” Enzor said. “I joined SEB to be able to make these happen…they will involve day trips to different places like Longwood Gardens, the Baltimore Aquarium, and the types of things that require payment to enter.”

SEB, however, will allow students to enjoy these experiences for free.

Current ideas for events include a trip to Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom festival, a tea and tarot card event, and more tournaments.

According to Elgayar, students should also look out for an email over the summer requesting a designer for a new SEB logo.  

All of the executive members collectively agreed that they would like to have a more structured and collaborative organization, so that events could be more pleasing for the campus community. The new members are hoping to host bigger events, and they would like more student input so that they can hold events that the students request and enjoy.  

The board members also mentioned that collaborations with any other organizations would be welcomed. They would love for clubs to reach out to them through their Instagram account @wac_seb or by email at

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Photo Caption: Transition between the old and new executive boards will be a gradual process through the end of the year.

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