Java George opens a week before classes start to serve returning students

By Faith Jarrell

Student Life Editor

Java George opened early this school year to caffeinate incoming and returning students. The soft launch commenced on Monday, Aug. 21, and featured an assortment of Starbucks products.

The hours for the first week, Aug. 21 to Aug. 25, were 8 a.m. to noon, giving a limited taste of future hours once classes start. Java George will shift from their current schedule back to the standard 8 a.m. until 3 p.m on Aug. 28.

Many students did not know about Java’s early openng until they walked into Hodson Hall. While no emails were sent about the opening, there were posts on social media, according to Residential Dining Room Manager Latoya Felton. Said posts were removed shortly after by Felton, but they managed to gain over 300 views.

“Make sure [students] follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We try to post to them daily to help keep the campus updated on certain events, and special occasions, daily menus, and such,” Retail Manager Brandi Ewig said.

During the school year, Java George is a popular spot for students to not only grab coffee and a snack but also to sit and socialize or complete school work. The early opening, in part, was due to the volume of students increasing on Aug. 21, according to Felton.

“We wanted to offer special drinks and refreshers to all students and visitors on moving-in day to add to the excitement on campus,” Felton said.

Special drinks include pumpkin spice, a popular flavor during the fall. In fact, Java George, which provides students with Starbucks products, started serving this well-known fall flavor several days before Starbucks themselves started serving pumpkin spice on Aug. 24.

The workers at Java George acknowledge the popularity of the miniature cafe and hangout spot. One worker at Java George, Kat McDonald, was especially excited to see students returning.

“We love all the students,” McDonald said. “We opened a week early to help students, whether it’s the ones moving in or the parents who have four-hour drives back to where they’re coming from.”

Throughout the semester, Java George will continue to serve students at WC with various kinds of drinks and snacks, with the menu changing with the seasons.

Photo courtesy of Elm Archive Photos

Photo Caption: Last week, students lined up to get coffee, tea, snacks, and more at Java George on the first floor of Hodson Hall.

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