Western Shore receives renovations, including new kitchens and volleyball

By Faith Jarrell

Student Life Editor

Over the past summer, Residential Life and Buildings and Grounds worked on creating a more desirable space for independent living on campus. The Western Shore is comprised of 11 buildings, including Montgomery House, Howard House, Carroll House, Frederick House, Allegany House, Garrett House, Anne Arundel House, Calvert House, St. Mary’s House, Charles House, and Prince George’s House.

The renovations include a full kitchen upgrade, as well as new furniture. While the entire kitchen received upgrades, the main additions include an oven and an electric stovetop.

Senior Jay Dadhania lived in Charles House during his junior year and will continue residing there for his final year.

“The kitchen we didn’t use all that much [last year,]” Dadhania said. “We just used the sink to wash our dishes and that was it, but now we’re using it a lot more. I cooked chicken last night and it was great, so the stove is really nice.”

While the Western Shore was, and still is, popular with students, according to Director of Residential Life Amy Sine and Vice President for Student Affairs Sarah Feyerherm, it was always missing something.

“Western Shore had everything but the stove, so we needed to put [one] in. And as long as we were putting a stove in, we might as well do a full upgrade while we were at it,” Sine said.

Along with the upgraded kitchen, there is new furniture available in these suites as well. This and the overall look of these suites were chosen directly by students. According to Sine, the student body filled out many surveys to decide how to go about refurbishing these living areas.

“We surveyed [the students] to see what pieces they would want in that space, then we narrowed down four different selections and styles and let them vote on that. And then we let them vote on the colors. Students helped pick the color of the tiles and the paint and the color of the couches,” Sine said.

These renovations took place over the summer so as to not interrupt the move-in of returning students, according to Feyerherm. Another reason these renovations took place when they did is because of the ending of a deal between Washington College and the apartment complex known as Kent Crossing.

“We used to have Kent Crossing as an ‘on campus’ option for students who wanted a full kitchen but we no longer have that agreement with Kent Crossing,” Feyerherm said.

Western Shore was not the only area on campus to receive upgrades this summer. Between Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium and Sassafrass Hall, the school installed an outdoor beach volleyball court.

The outdoor renovations are due in part to the Student Government Association, who headed the initiative after receiving student input.

According to SGA President and junior Miranda Parrish, a survey completed by the SGA administration in fall 2022 “showed that students wanted more spaces outside.”

This collaboration between the SGA, Residential Life, and Buildings and Grounds will provide the campus with better areas for students to lounge and socialize in.

As the semester begins, the renovations made around campus will hopefully provide resources to all students living on campus.

Photo courtesy of Faith Jarrell

Photo Caption: Between the Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium and Sassafras Hall, a new beach volleyball court has been added on campus grounds.

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