Fearing heat and humidity? Fall fashion tips for living on the Eastern Shore

By Riley Dauber

Lifestyle Editor

Although it may not seem like it, thanks to the recent spike in temperatures, fall is right around the corner.

While some students may be preparing their sweaters and fall outfits with ease, others may still be brainstorming ideas. The ever-changing Eastern Shore weather does not help either, with the varying temperatures throughout the day and high humidity.

Plus, college students may want to focus on comfort, due to busy schedules, late-night study sessions, or long walks to and from class.

Fortunately, simplicity is all the rage this fall. According to Vogue, “The runways at Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu, and Loewe were all filled with outfits one could easily imagine throwing on before heading out to take on the day.”

The recent trend toward the humanity of everyday style comes in handy for college students looking to dress both comfortably and on-trend. Here are a few other tips to help you prepare for the autumnal season – if it ever decides to arrive.

Classic Pieces

One aspect of the simplicity trend is owning staple items and including them in your everyday attire. Instead of reaching for a loud statement piece that you can only wear with specific items, reach for a white top and jeans. These pieces can be re-worn and styled with different pieces to create multiple different looks.

Investing in everlasting pieces will also help prevent microtrends, which in the long run, lead to fast fashion practices. Pieces that fit comfortably and work with a variety of outfits and styles guarantee that you will own and wear them for a longer amount of time than you would participating in the latest microtrend.

According to Vogue, “When the season’s hero pieces include a white shirt and a black coat, looking current and curating a future-proof wardrobe are one and the same.”

All Red

According to Glamour, we are going to see a lot of red this fall: “As opposed to the typically muted earth tones you’d expect for fall, the hue is bold and beguiling, handily commanding a room or a social feed.”

By wearing red, you are not only matching the autumnal colors on the trees around you, but also adding a bold flair to any outfit. Indulge in any shade of red this season in any type of item: sweater, dress, or even a pair of earrings.

Any shade of red will do, and smaller accessories will add a nice dash of color to the popular black and white outfits already mentioned.

Reliable Shoes

Although our campus is relatively small and walkable, it can still be unbearable to trek all the way from Louis L. Goldstein Hall or even Barbara and George Cromwell Hall back to your dorm.

On a warm day, some may be tempted to let the dogs out and wear flip flops and sandals, but these options are no help when it comes to long walks across campus.

Instead, invest in a comfortable pair of white or black sneakers that can pair well with the majority of your outfits.

Focus on quality instead of quantity; we all know our dorms cannot fit seventeen pairs of shoes, so reach for a brand like Adidas or Reebok for support and longevity.

Although it might be tempting, try to avoid buying a cheap knockoff from Target. While affordable, these shoes tend to lack the arch support your feet need to make that half-mile pilgrimage to class.

Even though the aforementioned trends may help you form some cute outfits this fall, it is also important to embrace one’s personal style. Some fun trends this fall include florals, art prints, and gothic, according to Glamour; and it does not hurt to invest in and try some new items. When in doubt, a sweater goes a long way in terms of comfort and style.

Photo Caption: Freshman Isabel McCreary shows off an outfit for fall, complete with jeans, Doc Martens, and accessories.

Photo courtesy of Isabel McCreary.

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