Senior Spotlight: Captain Coxswain, Kamden Richardson

By Dom Rapposelli and Jack Poleto

Business and Distribution Manager and Sports Editor

After finishing their last season ranked, senior and coxswain on the women’s rowing team Kamden Richardson will start her final year this fall. 

Richardson joined the team during the spring of her freshman year, marking almost four years that she has been a part of the team.

“My journey on the team is a little different as I wasn’t recruited to join the team! One of my best friends suggested I go down to the boathouse as the team was looking for coxswains,” Richardson said. “I was a gymnast in high school and realized I had missed the team dynamic and I missed competing.”

The coxswain plays a key role on the women’s rowing team, being the teammate that gives directions to other members of the team and ensures a safe race.

“Being a coxswain has without a doubt been one of the most stressful things in my life, but also something that has taught me more lessons than I can count and one that has been extremely fulfilling in my growth as a person,” Richardson said.

According to Richardson, being a coxswain has been rewarding because she gets to lead in her role but also as a captain.

Last season in May, the women’s rowing team made it to the NCAA championship in New Jersey. Only 22 teams can compete in the championships, demonstrating the success of the team.

“As a team that is coming off an NCAA championship appearance the goal is to push harder, go faster, and get better as a team by pushing each other to be the best people we can be,” Richardson said. “We have a really strong group of people this year and I’m so excited to get to know everyone on the team and find the best ways for us to support each other.”

Among other roles, Richardson was the Student Government Association’s Secretary of Student Life for two years, a position centered on advocacy for students and event planning.

She brought innovative ideas like a t-shirt cannon to rally students at athletics games and executed Flock to the Waterfront, a staple event in the Fall.

Although new in her role as the SGA’s Director of Communication and Marketing, Richardson has already stepped into her role in managing the social media of the student government.

“The SGA has given me plenty of experience in the professional setting along with a specific set of leadership and advocacy skills,” Richardson said.

According to her, these strengths allowed it to be easier for her to create meaningful relationships with the higher administration at Washington College.

In keeping everything balance, Richardson says she follows a strict agenda and finishing her duties as efficiently as possible. Being a Political Science and History double-major and minor in Secondary Education, she is naturally busy with two Student Capstone Experiences.

Richardson also has a great support system in place thanks to her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

“Having my sisters to lean on when things get tough has really kept me grounded in my time at WAC,” Richardson said.

Richardson is now the Chapter President of her sorority and has several duties that come with it, like effectively communicating with chapter members and advisors and provide direction with a diplomatic approach.

Richardson is pursuing her passion for teaching at a local middle school on top as she is now a Secondary Education Intern to get her certification.

“I absolutely love it because it’s crazy and chaotic thanks to my eight graders, but it really has reaffirmed my desire to keep on this path [towards teaching],” Richardson said.

With her experience in and out of the boat, Richardson is excited for the next steps after college as she starts her first SCE for History and gears up for her Political Science one in the Spring, Richardson is ready to graduate.

Photo caption: Senior coxswain Kamden Richardson prepares for a long race alongside her teammates.

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