Study abroad applications open up for spring 2024

By Faith Jarrell

Student Life Editor

Every semester, Washington College offers unique traveling and learning experiences for students who wish to study abroad. This spring, those planning on doing so have the option of going to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia.

Last week, applications opened for WC students interested in the program for the spring semester. These applications close on Friday, Sept. 15 at 4 p.m.

One study abroad student, Ecem Ipek ‘22, described traveling to the United States from Turkey as “one of [her] best decisions in life.”

“The best part of studying abroad was making friends all around the world! Different cultures, different background…there is a lot to talk about,” Ipek said.

According to the assistant director of the Global Education Office, Sarah Lyle, the study abroad program at WC is about more than traveling outside of the country.

“It provides a unique opportunity to expand students’ world perspectives as it opens minds to different political, social, cultural, and economic traditions,” Lyle said.

The options are vast, as WC is partnered with 28 other institutions across the world. Students have the opportunity to also study abroad for an entire year or multiple semesters.

“Studying abroad as a student offers an opportunity to push oneself out of that comfort zone and explore the challenges and rewards of immersing oneself in another culture and country,” Lyle said. “Every student I’ve spoken with has said the experience changed their life and that they would recommend it to other students.”

Along with that, there is a focus on making sure students do not have to pay extra when traveling, according to Lyle. Any scholarships, loans, or financial aid will transfer to the cost of a student’s study abroad plan.

The same travel opportunities are not always open every semester. Some trips are not even offered every year, creating more unique and rare experiences.

“The world is more than the country [a student] live[s] in. They should get out of their comfort zone and education is the best reason to do that. In the future, their international experience will always stand out in business life as well. Adapting to [a] changing environment will not be that challenging. It will enhance their ability to solve problems and think critically,” Ipek said.

If you are interested in studying abroad during the spring semester, check out the GEO website for more information.

Photo courtesy of the Global Education Office

Photo Caption: A WC student works in a classroom while studying abroad.

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