The Metropolitan Grill opens to replace Martha’s Kitchen and Boar’s Head

Classes were not the only thing to start back up on Aug. 28 as food options on campus such as Freshens and the Metropolitan Grill opened for students, staff, and faculty members.

This is the first semester that the restaurant is operating on campus. The Met’s predecessor, Boar’s Head, was only open during the spring semester of 2023. Before Boar’s Head, the space was occupied by Martha’s Kitchen, which was a popular late-night option for students.

One worker at the Met, Semaj Pleasant, has an idea for why there has been overturns in dining options.

“A lot of people want different things and…like to explore their options, so I guess having the Met is just something different for them to try out,” Pleasant said.

Even though the Met has only been open for a week, many students have already tried the food from the new spot and were pleasantly surprised.

While the majority of student reviews were positive, not everyone is happy about the overturn. Many believe that the Met’s current menu is similar to its predecessor’s, Martha’s.

“I don’t like that they aren’t calling it Martha’s,” junior Maddie Fernandez said.

“My co-workers are great, the staff is great, the food is delicious. Come try it,” Pleasant said.

The Met Grill is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every weekday and is located between Freshens and the dining area on the first floor of Hodson Hall.

Photo courtesy of Faith Jarrell

Photo Caption: The Metropolitan Grill is located on the first floor of Hodson Hall and is pictured here before opening at 11 a.m.

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