WC student government association holds rebranded Campus Festival

By Dominic Rapposelli

Business and Distribution Manager

On Saturday, Sept. 2, the Washington College Student Government Association hosted the annual campus festival on the Hodson Green, where the campus’ clubs and activity groups gathered to promote their organizations. Over 70 clubs and on-campus organizations were present, providing a myriad of opportunities for students.

The event differs from previous years due to the inclusion of ents like games, food, and inflatables

Sophomore Quinn Hammon attended the festival and expressed interest in a few organizations that were present.

“It’s important and it’s definitely nice to learn what kinds of groups are available to join on campus,” Hammon said.

Groups ranging from Musician’s Union to Radio Free George were present to offer an array of different activities to be involved in.

Sophomore Allison Tinkham tabled for sorority Alpha Omicron Pi and noticed a lot of engagement from the student body. “People were interested in all the clubs,” Tinkham said.

The fair also marked a milestone as one of the first campus-wide events held of the academic year. Such events are especially beneficial for freshmen, who are looking to get involved around campus or simply meet new people.

“I think it’s especially important for first years to get out and go to club fairs to get involved. It’s hard to find things to get involved in, but when you go to club fair, you can actually see the faces of people and clubs that you’re interested in, and talk to people,” Tinkham said.

The campus festival provided resources for not just first year students, but upperclassmen as well. Those who were looking to try something new or pursue an interest were more than welcome to talk to club executives.

“It’s a great opportunity to get first years involved and learn about the ways they can get involved. Even upperclassmen who may not have been involved with a club before that might want to this year can sign up and try something new,” said Antoine Jordan ‘12, Director of Student Engagement.

“The fair was very cool! I was surprised it improved so much since last year. I was especially happy to get cotton candy,” Hammon said.

Photo courtesy of Faith Jarrell

Photo Caption: WC mascot Gus the Goose attended the campus festival and even appeared to sign up for some interest meetings himself.

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