Brief: Student Employment reminds campus workers of federal regulations

By Heather Fabritze

News Co-Editor

Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid and Student Employment Manager Emily Jordan sent out an email to campus on Monday, Oct. 16 to remind students of regulations regarding hours under federal financial aid.

The email referenced guidelines printed in the Student Employment Handbook: “Working during scheduled class times is a violation and could lead to the termination of your employment.”

According to Jordan, this rule is intended to comply with wider student aid regulations. It is a law that Federal Work-Study students must not be scheduled for class times, so the Office of Student Financial Aid extends that limitation to all employees.

This policy has always been in place at Washington College. Jordan and her office wanted to ensure that students remain aware of it moving into this academic year.

Part of the responsibility also falls on campus supervisors to align their work schedules with their employees’ class schedules. They should also be thoroughly reviewing timesheets prior to approving them on to Paycom, to check that they are correct under the policy.

If a professor cancels class or lets students go early, a student employee can submit written documentation from the professor to Student Employment to provide them an exemption for that particular period.

According to the email, the Office of Student Financial Aid will continue to monitor timesheets to “ensure compliance.”

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