Pop culture inspired costumes we cannot wait to see this Halloween season

By Grace Hogsten

Copy Editor

Every Halloween, college students dress up for the occasion to pay homage to iconic characters or popular figures. Though most college students no longer trick-or-treat, we are more than happy to use the holiday as an excuse to pick out an outfit we would not normally get to wear in public and show off the more dramatic parts of our sense of style or humor.

According to Good Housekeeping, pop culture phenomena serve as fantastic inspiration for recognizabl

2023 is a year full of recognizable characters, from blockbuster leads to celebrities and social media sensations.

The first iconic Halloween costume of this year is Barbie. Anyone dressed as the titular character from Greta Gerwig’s latest film can expect to participate in an unintentional group costume and dance the night away alongside a host of other Barbies dressed in pink and glitter head to toe.

Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, is a great costume option for anyone looking to embody a similarly bright aesthetic through a masculine character, or to be the devoted half of a classic couple’s costume. New York Post names Barbie and Ken as number one on its list of best pop culture Halloween costumes of 2023.

Groups of friends looking for a fun, nostalgic set of costumes can look no further than the characters of another eagerly-awaited theatrical release, “The Super Mario Bros Movie.” This film inspires a perfect group costume because its cast is comprised of so many well-known and colorful characters.

Participants can put as little or as much effort as they choose into Super Mario Bros costumes, opting to wear outfits in characters’ signature colors or go all-out with elaborate ensembles and accessories.

According to PopSugar, costumes inspired by Taylor Swift will also be popular and easily recognizable this year because her Eras Tour was one of the most notable pop culture events of the year.

A Taylor Swift costume can stand alone or be part of a group costume featuring looks inspired by the singer’s many eras. Since Taylor Swift and her current boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, have been featured heavily in the news cycle lately, the pair will likely be a common couple’s costume.

Students who are looking for a less common costume will be excited to remember that the beginning of this year saw the release of Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” which launched many details of his private life into the public sphere.

A Prince Harry costume can be as simple as a red wig and anything featuring the Union Jack, in addition to any other features a person thinks might identify themselves as the spare at a Halloween party.

Though many will likely dress as the figures named in this article, the outfit ideas and cultural references abound, providing opportunities for original ideas too. After a year of iconic pop culture moments, college students have plenty of options for relevant and creative looks — hopefully we will see at least one student dressed as Cocaine Bear on the dance floor this Halloweekend.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photo Caption: Barbie and Ken are sure to be the most popular couples costume this Halloween.

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