Color Surface Space and The Abstract Imagination opens in Kohl Gallery

By Dominic Rapposelli

Business and Distribution Manager

The newest Kohl Gallery installment “Color Surface Space and the Abstract Imagination” opened on Tuesday, Oct. 24. An opening reception event was held in the Kohl Gallery at the Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts at 4:30 p.m.

“I was at the art exhibit because I am currently enrolled in Professor Harvey’s Creative Process class and she encouraged us to walk over and check it out, especially because one of her pieces was being displayed in the exhibit,” sophomore Jordan Hyde said.

In addition to including work from Professor Heather Harvey, the installment features several works from different artists. According to Kohl Gallery Curator Tara Gladden, the art exhibition will “feature four new artworks that have been donated to Washington College by a famous artist named Willem de Kooning.” Gladden added that these pieces are new works which the gallery is proud to host.

Willem de Kooning was a Dutch-American artist in the 1900s who focused on abstract expressionalism. One of Kooning’s well-known pieces include his 1940 painting entitled “Seated Woman.”

“I found the art exhibit really fascinating! There were so many different disciplines featured, with some of the pieces being interactive too,” Hyde said.

The installment will also feature an artist talk from WC Art and Art History Department chair Dr. Benjamin Tilghman. Dr. Tilghman will present on “Abstractions Pre Histories: Color, Pattern, and Line in Medieval and Islamic Art” on Tuesday, Nov. 14 in Litrenta Lecture Hall in the John S. Toll Science Center at 4:30 p.m.

Photo Caption: Pictured above is one of the many art pieces featured in the Kohl Gallery’s newest

Photo courtesy of Dominic Rapposelli

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