PeerSMART and Kappa Sigma come together to host period product drive

By Evie Kaye

Elm Staff Writer

PeerSMART and Kappa Sigma Omicron-Pi teamed together to host a Period Product Drive for Kent County High School to support menstrual health.

PeerSMART and the Kappa Sigma brothers began the drive on Nov. 1 and will be accepting donations through Nov. 17, as well as tabling in Hodson Hall. They are accepting pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and Venmo donations of $3. PeerSMART is using Kappa Sigma’s Venmo account, @Kappasigwashcoll for said donations.

PeerSMART is a student led group at WAC that advocates for sexual health and wellness education for campus.

Senior Jordan Fairchild, president of PeerSMART, said the group decided to get involved with Kappa Sigma because they do “a great job being involved on campus and in the community.”

“They are a great group of guys, and they’ve been so gracious in letting PeerSMART use their Venmo to collect donations,” Fairchild said.

So far, donations have been a success, according to Fairchild. Not only have people been donating to the Venmo account, but quite a bit of period products have been brought in.

Fairchild believes that “students, staff, and faculty should donate to the cause because it helps improve the Chestertown community.”

“It can be hard to find affordable menstrual products in town, so donating to products to those who may need them the most is a great cause,” Fairchild said.

“Period poverty in this country is a real thing, and inadequate access to products and education affects both the physical and mental health of people who get periods.”

Fairchild is also concerned about menstruation awareness.

“Being aware of the barriers people with periods face when it comes to purchasing quality products and being properly educated is important,” she said.

After the donation period ends, a “Period Party” will be thrown in the Egg in Hodson Hall, Monday, Nov. 20. Brownies, cookies, music, and tote bag painting will be available at the party to celebrate the donation’s success.

“We would love to see people there,” Fairchild said.

Freshman Emma Sager, who donated to the cause, said that the drive is “something so small that can really help when someone is in a pinch, and I think it’s great to support the high school with this.”

“It is so easy to donate, and it’s a cause that will support so many people in the community. It’s as easy as sending in a Venmo payment, and you get to know that your support is going to people in the community,” Sager said.

Photo by Evie Kaye

Photo caption: Senior Jordan Fairchild and junior Colette Frank tabled in Hodson Hall to collect donations for the two-week drive.

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