Student Events Board, African Student Union, and Cleopatra’s Sisters host Halloween party

By Faith Jarrell

Student Life Editor

On Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., the Student Events Board hosted a Halloween party in collaboration with the African Student Union and Cleopatra’s Sisters. The event took place in the Skybox of the Roy Kirby, Jr. Stadium.

The party was not only a chance for students to socialize and dance with one another, but to participate in a costume contest with the chance to win a gift card. The costume contest could be won by an individual or a group of three.

There were drinks and food present at the event as well, including over 600 chicken wings from AVI.

Junior Mackenzie Stelyn enjoyed the party, bringing along her sister, Georgette Stelyn, from outside the College to join in the fun.

“I think the event was super fun. The decorations were spooky and the food was good. I enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up and taking pictures outside with friends over the big stadium,” Stelyn said. “I think these events are important because it brings many different groups of people together in a mutual setting. This party was held by several different on-campus organizations, which made this party a great place for people to celebrate their culture and learn from new cultures through the music being played.”

This collaboration had been in the works for some time, with sophomore SEB vice president Lillian Elgayar mentioning how “Cleopatra’s Sisters and the African Student Union wanted to host a similar party.”

“Halloween is such a fun theme that so many people love. It’s incredibly important to host engaging events for students to come together to forget about work, school, and deadlines for a night,” Elgayar said.

The day after the Halloween party on Wednesday, Nov. 1, SEB offered a “Recovery Day,” from noon to 4 p.m., which included a collaboration with SafeRide to give out care packages on advising day. These packages were made up of “food and self-care items” according to an email sent out by SEB. The packages could either be picked up in Hodson Hall during these hours or delivered to dormitory buildings by a member of SafeRide.

The menu for “Recovery Day” consisted of bagels with cream cheese or a donut, liquid IV, eye masks, face masks, chapstick, granola bars, chips, juice or Gatorade, and water, according to the SEB Instagram page. Students could request one of each item in their care package.

Photo courtesy of SEB, ASU, and Cleo’s

Photo Caption: Pictured above is the poster for the event, advertising the “Fright Night” collaboration.

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