Everything you need to know about Sagittarius season this December

By Lucy Verlaque

Elm Staff Writer

We have officially entered Sagittarius season, which started on Nov. 22 and will last until Dec. 21. Anyone whose birthday falls within these dates is considered a Sagittarius.

According to Cafe Astrology, Sagittarius is ninth of the 12 zodiac signs and one of the three fire signs. This sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter and associated with the symbol of the archer. Sagittariuses are commonly thought of as spontaneous, adventurous, and outspoken.

Due to their adventurous spirit, Sagittariuses usually have optimistic attitudes and enthusiasm for new experiences. These traits mean they are also prone to feeling restless, which can cause them to be irresponsible at times.

Junior Farren Hauer feels that they “embody” many of the traits associated with their sign, describing themself as adventurous, curious, and honest.

However, Hauer also recognizes that Sagittariuses’ tendency to be “straightforward” can also have some negative implications.

“I hear that Sagittariuses can be really blunt,” Hauer said. “I try and be tactful with things, so I don’t think I’m always blunt, but I definitely sometimes can be.”

Despite their occasional bluntness, Sagittariuses’ honesty makes them trustworthy and effective communicators when it comes to relationships.

In general, Sagittariuses are seen as quite sociable due to their easygoing nature. While they are able to get along with most people, though, Sagittariuses tend to be most compatible with fellow fire signs, Aries and Leo, as well as the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

“I have a lot of Aquarius and Pisces and Aries in my friend group,” Hauer said. “Apparently Pisces and Sagittarius aren’t supposed to get along, but I really like everybody that I’ve met who’s a Pisces.”

Hauer says they often encourage their friends to go on adventures and try new things, aligning with Sagittariuses’ inclination for curiosity and excitement.

According to The Cut, “Sagittarius is driven by a hunger for knowledge, understanding, and purpose,” which is likely to manifest in their professional lives.

With “a love of freedom, and a disdain for routine,” according to Cafe Astrology, it may be difficult for Sagittariuses to pinpoint one career path. However, their flexibility makes them more open to different possibilities, which can enhance their experience.

“I’ve been in a lot of different jobs,” Hauer said. “I’m always looking for new opportunities and things that are not necessarily within a certain field but are going to give me experiences and knowledge. I think I could adapt to a few different careers.”

Sagittariuses are typically well-suited for jobs that involve travel, creative expression, or social interaction.

Since Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, this season will likely be marked by a sense of enthusiasm and spontaneity.

According to The Cut, Sagittarius season is a time “to explore and ask questions, to meet new people and try new things, to make big mistakes and learn from them.”

Though this period might bring about restlessness or disorganization, there is sure to be plenty of excitement and freedom during this time.

After Sagittarius season is Capricorn season, which starts on Dec. 22 and lasts until Jan. 19.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photo Caption: The zodiac sign Sagittarius is often associated with the symbol of an archer, who can also be seen in the constellation “Orion.”

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