Shoremen Lacrosse is back and ready to win.

Molly Pennington

Elm Staff

Washington College men’s lacrosse is back for the 2024 season. Saturday, Feb. 17, the Shoremen are facing off against the Eastern University Eagles at home.

Last year, the Shoremen went 8-9 for the season. Their last winning season was in 2017 when they were 9-7, but they are ready to make a comeback.

“I think we have definitely improved from a strength and conditioning standpoint,” junior midfielder Tom Merritt said. “Working with our strength and conditioning coach Josh Brown, we have been adding size, speed, and strength throughout the fall and over winter break that prepares us from the grueling Centennial Conference schedule slate we have.”

During their 2023 season the Shoremen lead their opponents in faceoff wins and ground ball captures. Merritt brought seven goals and two assists to the Shoremen alongside senior attacker Luke Brennan who scored a whopping 22 goals and had eight assists. Brennan has scored 43 points so far in his career, but this season could bring that number up even higher.

“We have come a long way in terms of culture, the way we carry ourselves and represent our team and our school. As far as performance goes, attention to detail has been a focus these past few years and I can say for certain that is one of the main sources of improvement,” Brennan said.

There is a lot to look forward to this season, especially for the Shoremen’s game against the Ithaca College Bombers. Cole Corrigan, the previous WC goalie who has now graduated, will be playing during his graduate year at Ithaca. Merritt will be facing off against his cousin on goal and the Shoremen are playing their ex-teammate.

“We practice together during the summer and winter so it will be really neat to suit up against him,” Merritt said.

The Shoremen are also prepared off field as they have found tight bonds in one another that will work to their benefit during their upcoming games.

“We are a very tight knit group and are there for each other off the field. On the field, I think playing with one another in games, practices, and outside of practices allows us to get comfortable with what makes each player the best version of themselves and allows us to utilize that in building chemistry with one another to win games,” Merritt said.

Brennan shared his sentiment as well.

“The relationships among this team are special. Whether someone is a freshman, sophomore, etc. is not important to me. We just feel like a cohesive team. However, several guys having multiple seasons under their belt definitely helps,” Brennan said.

It will be a busy season for the Shoremen but they are more than ready to take it on.

“I am looking forward to fully embracing my last season in Chestertown, and having a locker room full of guys I am lucky enough to call teammates and brothers,” Brennan said.

“My biggest motivation is trying to make the eight-year-old kid who fell in love with the game of lacrosse proud,” Merritt said.

Photo courtesy of WC Athletics

Photo Caption: Senior attackman Luke Brennan prepares to add to his 43 point record during his fifth season of WC lacrosse.

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