Student organizations raise money for local animal shelter and OneLove during the Valentine’s season

By Faith Jarrell

Student Life Editor

On Washington College’s campus, there are currently two fundraisers happening concurrently — the Compost Club’s dried flower sale for the Kent County Animal Care Shelter, and WC men’s and women’s lacrosse team’s fundraiser for the One Love foundation.

Starting on Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Compost Club started selling “flower grams” made of dried lavender and eucalyptus plants in honor of Valentine’s Day. According to an email sent out by the President of the Compost Club senior Amity Harrington, the flowers come from “a family farm in California that produces flowers that are completely pesticide free and compostable.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, Wednesday, Feb. 8, Monday, Feb. 12, and Tuesday, Feb. 13, the compost club tabled on the bottom floor of Hodson Hall from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those who received flower grams were able to pick them up on Wednesday, Feb. 14, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The flower grams sell for only $4 each, and all proceeds will go directly to the Kent County Animal Care Shelter.

Meanwhile, the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams are raising money for the One Love Foundation throughout the month of February. According to their website, the organization is dedicated to ending relationship abuse across the United States.

Shoreman junior Grant Matthews has a special fondness for the One Love Foundation after running fundraisers at past schools for the non-profit.

“I kind of grew up when One Love was first established. The high school I went to… had a big emphasis with One Love. We had, every year, a huge fundraiser,” Matthews said. “It’s a huge foundation. And I think like, the more people talk about it… the bigger it’ll get. And so the more exposure, the better. And so we’re encouraged on our team to put it on your Instagram story, send it to family and friends, do whatever you can, I guess to just spread the word.”

The lacrosse teams have a combined goal of raising $7,000 for the foundation. As of the second week in February, they raised over half of said goal. Anyone can donate to the foundation with an amount of their choosing.

If desired, the person donating can also give money in honor or support of a specific lacrosse player. The lacrosse players receive special recognition on the website if someone donates in honor of them. For example, freshman Elisabeth Braswell is listed as currently having the “most donors” on the site while senior Maddie Morris earned “most raised,” with $1,000 donated in her honor.

“I just think it’s a really good cause. If you don’t know the story like the One Love story, then I think that’s something that you should… definitely do some research on it. It’s a sad story,” Matthews said. “It’s a good lesson now for people if you look at One Love itself, and what it stands for and all that it’s… it’s a really good foundation…so I think people should donate because it’s a great cause.”

For those interested in supporting the One Love Foundation and aiding an important cause, the donation link for the WC lacrosse teams can be found at

Photo by Faith Jarrell

Photo Caption: The compost club pictured tabling in Hodson Hall on Monday, Feb. 12.

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