Texas secession movements raise eyebrows across the United States

By Kennedy Thomason

Elm Staff Writer

When people joke that everything is bigger in Texas, they mean it. Currently in the Lone Star State, ignorance and egos are bigger than ever.

There has been recent progress within the “TEXIT” movement ¾ an effort led by conservative citizens and lawmakers to allow Texas to secede from the union and become an autonomous territory. You read that right ¾ we are still discussing state secession in the year 2024.

The reasoning behind this initiative includes increasing dissatisfaction with the federal government’s handling of the southern border, immigration, climate change legislation, distrust of the federal government, taxation, the fear of socialism, disputes over Texas’ journey to statehood, and more, according to The Texas Tribune.

There is also a strong thread of Texas-specific nationalism; according to The Texas Tribune, the face of the movement, Daniel Miller, claims that Texans are a “stateless nation.”

Immigration policy is at the forefront of this debate; it seems the only solution some Texans can think of is violence. According to Time, “Abbott says he would have officials shoot border crossers if he thought he could protect the officers from prosecution by the feds.” There was also a recent Supreme Court ruling that Texas’ border agents were required to allow federal troops to cut razor wire in order to treat medically fragile asylum-seekers. How have we gotten to a point when basic human decency must be mandated by the Supreme Court?

According to Slate, 25 Republican governors, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, wrote a scathing letter to President Joe Biden in regards to migrants crossing the southern border, stating that Biden violated the “compact” between state and federal governments. The letter includes remarks about Biden’s “illegal refusal to protect the states” from migrants.

Taking their bigotry a step further, these officials claimed that the Constitution’s “invasion clause” stipulates that states are allowed to react to an invasion by a foreign entity in the event that federal troops cannot, therefore places like Texas should be able to use whatever force necessary to stop the influx of migrants at the border. This argument is as inhumane as it is preposterous. Let this really sink in: there are 25 state governors who believe those seeking asylum in the U.S. deserve to be treated as military threats.

            The number of Texans who follow this line of thinking is expanding. According to The Texas Tribune, a preacher from Houston named Claver Kamau-Imani stated at a meeting of TEXIT supporters that he wants to secede in order to have “complete control of our own immigration policy.” This meeting was held last November at the Waco Convention Center, where Texas Nationalist Movement members gathered to swap conspiracy theories and justify their belief that seceding from the United States is actually an ultra-patriotic move.

Two of the events’ speakers were former Texas Representative Kyle Biedermann and current State Senator Bob Hall. Governor Abbott, former State Senator Don Huffines, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, former Texas GOP Chair Allen West, and more government officials or candidates also publicly declared their support of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Not all GOP members are on board. The Texas Tribune noted that Representative Jeff Leach called legislative efforts to support TEXIT “the very definition of hypocritical and seditious treason.” Veterans in particular are against secession, with one Iraq veteran stating “I supported and defended the Constitution…I was born in America. And I will die in America.”

Creating a separate nation is not as easy as the Texas Nationalist Movement makes it seem. The Texas Tribune reports that the Lone Star state receives “roughly a third of its funding” from the federal government. But questionable financial details pale in comparison to the all-too-familiar proposition of southern states seceeding in order to exert authority against a minority group.

What cannot be ignored here are the principles of white supremacy leaking through the Texas Nationalist Movement’s agenda, and the historical precedent set by the Civil War. The echoes of the past are loud, and for good reason. Rhetoric used by Abbot and the greater TEXIT movement is extremely dangerous, as it militarizes innocent groups of asylum-seekers and threatens to undermine the efforts of Union soldiers in the 1860s. The philosophy of the federal government “violating a compact” with the states in the aforementioned letter to President Biden  is eerily identical to the language used by confederate states to validate their seccession.

Allowing the power of Governor to go to someone like Greg Abbott was hazardous enough. Now imagine if there were an entire country run by the same white supremacist, murderous, egotistical brats. Some may argue that the U.S. would be better off without Texas and we should let them break off. Not only would that cause some serious financial ramifications for the United States, but a snowball effect of power-hungry Governors would more than likely threaten secession as well, and a second Civil War would be much closer than we thought.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo caption: Legislators in Texas are debating the future of the state’s role in the United States.

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