WC baseball and softball ready for upcoming games

By Molly Pennington

Elm Staff Writer

Washington College’s baseball and softball teams are busy preparing for their upcoming season.

Last spring, the Shoremen went 12-17 but the five seasons prior resulted in winning percentages. They are ready to turn things back around in the upcoming games, according to senior pitcher Izaiah Santiago.

“I think this is one of the hardest working teams that I have been a part of,” Santiago said. “Everyone is bought in on winning and improving from last year.”

Starting on Feb. 17, the baseball team will travel to the University of Mary Washington to face off against the Eagles. This will be the men’s fifth time playing the Eagles,

games spanning back to just 2021. The Shoremen have maintained a 4-1 record against the team, and they are ready to keep their winning streak going.

The following day on Feb. 18, the Shoremen remain at Mary Washington where they will play the Susquehanna University River Hawks in a neutral site contest.

This is the first time these teams have ever played one another, but

the River Hawks went 28-19 last season.

Immediately following the game against the River Hawks on Feb 18., the Shoremen will play the Eagles for a second time.

Outside of records and numbers, the team feels more connected than ever.

            “The relationships will absolutely help when it comes to winning games this year because we compete day in and day out so always being there for each other for games will be important,” Santiago said.

It is not just the Shoremen who feel prepared to win; the Shorewomen are confident going into their upcoming games.

In their 2023 season, the Shorewomen were 20-19-1. The team has changed drastically over the past few years, consisting of just 11 women in 2021. Now there are nearly double the amount of people on the team. Junior catcher Shannon Rosche says they have used that to their advantage.

“It has become a great strength of ours. We have kept the close knit culture from freshman year despite the growth,” Rosche said. “We are constantly challenging each other and pushing ourselves.”

The softball team faces off at home against the Marymount University Saints on Feb. 24 for a double header. WC is currently 2-2 against the Saints, but the Shorewomen are ready for a comeback.

“The trust that we have off the field will translate to trust and encouragement on the field, which will lead to success,” Rosche said.

This schedule is packed full of double-headers so the Shorewomen will need to maintain their stamina throughout their campaign. On March 1, they travel to Virginia to play the University of Mary Washington Eagles. Last time these teams faced off, WC was able to crush the Eagles with a score of 6-1.

Following this double-header is another on March 2 against the University of Lynchburg Hornets. It has been three years since the Shorewomen played the Hornets,

but they are “difficult opponents,” Rosche said.

One thing can be said for both the Shoremen and the Shorewomen: they are motivated by their friends and family surrounding them.

“My biggest motivation is my family. They are my biggest supporters and I am so thankful for them. My parents’ hard work has allowed me to be where I am today,” Rosche said. “Their work ethic and attitude is something that I am proud to have. My goal this season is to make them proud and to be the best version of myself that I can be, consistently.”

Photo courtesy of WC Athletics

Photo Caption: Junior Shannon Rosche awaits the start of her third season as catcher for Shorewoman softball

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