Casey Time 2024 introduces Poetry Garden to the campus 

By Faith Jarrell

Student Life Editor

This year’s Casey Time “campus beautification” event took place on Sunday, April 7 and lasted from 9 a.m. to noon.  

Casey Time is hosted once a year in the Spring by the Student Government Association. This year, much like last year, the SGA focused on the tidying of the Campus Garden, as well as the addition of several projects. 

According to an email from the SGA sent on Wednesday, April 3, these projects included “leveling and seeding the new Poetry Garden, creating brush habitat for birds, removing tree stumps, and restoring the chicken shed.”  

The Poetry Garden is a new addition to the Campus Garden. According to the Washington College website, the Poetry Garden is a crossover program in which “Permaculture Interns are collaborating with the Department of English and community members to design a medieval-inspired garden for the study of plants with literary significance.” 

The Poetry Garden required the addition of a canvas-covered wood storage shed, a deck at the Northern end, new garden beds which will also create seating around a fireplace, an entrance gateway, and more.  

Some students working on the Poetry Garden and during Casey Time 2024 include senior Jo Perkins, freshman Logan Monteleone, junior Nick Gardner, freshman Kit Yim, and sophomore Jessica Barr. Along with the attendees, Lifelong Learning Coordinator Shane Brill ‘03 joined to help advise their work.  

Perkins referenced two reasons why it was important for students to come out and help during Casey Time. 

“One, Washington College is a student’s home for four years, and it becomes our responsibility to make that home our own. It’s so rewarding when you’re able to look back and say ‘Hey, I made that happen,’” Perkins said. “Two, helping out creates a sense of community with the other people you’re working alongside; it’s a great way to make friends.”  

According to Perkins, the turnout for this year’s Casey Time was “quite disappointing,” as there were only seven people who showed up and thus the group was not able to do as much work in the garden as they would have liked. Despite low attendance, the group still made several improvements to the campus garden. 

“We worked on improving the grading of the Poetry Garden to promote drainage from the site, which ensures the structures will last longer. We dedicated much of our effort to defining and leveling pathways, as well as hauling and tamping stone to promote accessibility of the seating. Two local carpenters were on hand to continue construction of the seating and performance area,” Brill said.  

For those who wish to check out the new Poetry Garden, the grand opening is happening on Friday, May 3 from noon to 2 p.m., co-hosted by the English Department and the Campus Garden Club.  

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