So long, farewell Elm: Copy Editor senior Delaney Runge says her goodbyes

By Delaney Runge

Copy Editor

Though my time at The Elm has been short, what I have gained is immense.

When I began at Washington College, I thought I wanted to become a high school English teacher. It was something I kept coming back to; it felt like what I was meant to do.

As my time at WC continued, this career no longer felt like the right path. It became a constraining idea — no longer what I wanted, but what was expected.

In the fall of my junior year, I chose not to continue with the teaching certification, and decided that over my next three semesters, I would try my best to take advantage of all the writing opportunities I could find.

On a whim, I applied to be a Copy Editor for The Elm, and I was hired. Little did I know that this choice to apply would be one of the best I ever made.

Mondays from four to six became a treasured time to sit at the copy table, read the upcoming week’s stories, and create connections with the other Copy Editors, Vee and Grace H., and none other than the outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Liv.

Joining The Elm staff also let me delve into the journalistic style of writing, and I became a regular writer for news.

Over this past year, I have written articles on various aspects of the College and Chestertown communities, which forced me out of my comfort zone. As a part of the job, I talked to people I did not know, thus gaining confidence in myself; I knew I would ask the right questions and speak to the right people.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities The Elm has provided me with and cannot express my gratitude enough.

Liv, thank you for taking a chance on me with my little journalism experience, but believing in me and my proofing abilities.

Vee and Grace H., thank you both for making copy a great experience. I have been honored to work with you both, colored pens in hand each week.

Grace A. and Heather, thank you for taking me into the news section and believing in me to write — even when I did not think I had what it took. Your weekly pitches and edits will be sorely missed. Writing for news has been one of the biggest joys of my senior year.

To the entire Elm staff, it has been a privilege to read your stories each week. Your passion and talent always come through, and I am so grateful to have been able to read and edit your work over this past school year.

WC students, thank you for reading. If you are thinking of working for The Elm or any student publication — do it. It is a choice you will not regret; I know I have not.

Photo courtesy of Delaney Runge.

Photo Caption: Delaney decided to start working for The Elm her senior year by applying for the Copy Editor position; she also wrote news articles.

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